Saturday, August 28, 2010

August visit to Astoria Oregon

We had a great time with Wiley in Astoria. The 'Cathedral Tree' trail by the Astoria Column was a wonderful hike!


Working on a large stencil demo for my illustration class, and a B/W t-shirt design kids will be able to color, and a triptych that may take all year to finish, at the rate I'm going. Won't show anything until it's done. LLC is now registered and has a PO box.

My draguar painting:

will be in a museum show in New Hampshire that will open in October.

"Imanganation: The Influence of Anime and Manga on Contemporary Art"

'While Manga and Anime have been widely accepted in Japan as a form of
entertainment for all ages, as have American comic books here, only recently
have the mediums been seen as true art forms internationally. Today we are
seeing the extended influence of American and Japanese pop-culture, driven
by graphic novels, manga and anime, on contemporary art at the highest

The exhibition aims to trace manga, anime and comic books’ uninhibited
progression into contemporary art and international culture. Showcased will
be a multifaceted range of work that offers dynamic insight into the
influence of the art forms - including outstanding examples of traditional
manga, anime cels from groundbreaking films, original art from a series of
international artists, performance art and a selection of film and video.

‘Imanganation’ promises to be an extraordinary glimpse into the
consciousness of the artists influenced by anime, manga and comics- mediums
that are helping to shape today's visual culture.

The exhibition will run from October 13th to January 16th, at the Portsmouth
Museum of Art in Portsmouth, NH.'

-Katherine Doyle, Curator
Portsmouth Museum of Art, Portsmouth, New Hampshire