Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I'm kind of tired of LiveJournal and decided to join Blogger. Working on a bunch of new paintings, still teaching, planning a woodblock print, working on a children's book, biking, swimming, and hanging out in Mexico as often as we can get down there.


Jason Scheier said...

Well hello there good friend! I am very happy to see you on here. Lets link up!


Astromeria said...

Hi Jason.
Thanks for saying hi. I don't understand how to do much on here yet! I'd add you as a pal, if I knew how to.

Yao said...

Ah, got tired of Live Journal. Is there a story to be told ?

Anyhow, hello !

Astromeria said...

Hi Yao!

no, not really. thanks again for the cool bag!